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Mondays in the Courtyard: Networking Concert Series in Collaboration with The Newton

Title Track & The Newton of Ypsilanti announce Mondays in the Courtyard: a new series featuring live music, community networking opportunities, and the chance to impact nonprofits doing needed work in Washtenaw County and beyond.
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Water Protector's Training Camp

Title Track is thrilled to announce Water Protector's Training Camp, a new program that will provide youth with the opportunity to connect with professional artists and activists as they explore a commitment to being a Water Protector.
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Understanding Racial Justice

We are currently in the midst of our first cohort of Understanding Racial Justice in 2024 and are looking forward to welcoming more committed folks into our URJ alumni community this year, now almost 300 strong. Stay tuned for more 2024 cohorts to be announced soon.
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Water is Life Festival

Title Track is a partner organization for the Water is Life Festival, an annual event that celebrates our connection to the water and builds power through community so we can work towards living in a holistic way with the water and protect it from those who seek to exploit or endanger it.
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Collaborative Songwriting for Collective Liberation

Informed by anti-oppression trainings and built on 15 years of experience successfully facilitating collaborative songwriting.
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Panels & Workshops at Earthwork Harvest Gathering

We are thrilled to once again be curating some dynamic workshops for this year's virtual Earthwork Harvest Gathering, one of Michigan’s most beloved cultural celebrations and music festivals.