Episode 19 of State of Water

Featuring a delightful conversation with legendary harmonica player, Peter "Madcat" Ruth.

The Future of the Arts Must Be Antiracist

Title Track's Jenny Jones is participating in this important conversation hosted by the Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Craft Libations for Collective Liberation

During this time of great upheaval, we call upon the craft breweries of Michigan to engage in transformative work to help heal systems of oppression.

State of Water Episode 18

Featuring Seth Bernard's moving conversation with bioregionalist Stephanie Mills.

Understanding Racial Justice

Registration now open for our new five-week course for white people ready to lean into the racial justice movement.

Shut Down Line 5 protest announced for Saturday, 6/27!

Water protection groups MackinawOde, Title Track’s Clean Water Campaign for Michigan, and Oil & Water Don’t Mix announce that they have co-organized a protest to urge Governor Whitmer to Shut Down Line 5 permanently. 

State of Water Episode 17

Featuring Detroit-based Arts & Culture Organizer, Piper Carter!
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More big staff news!!

Title Track announces expanded roles for Jenny Jones, Elizabeth Wolff, and Mae Beale!

State of Water Episode 16

Featuring our interview with Midland, MI-based climate change activist and independent videographer, Peter Sinclair.

Support for Native Elders - Update

UPDATE - We exceeded our $5,000 goal for the first phase of our campaign “Support for Native Elders”, raising over $12,000!  As there is a great need for more support, we are expanding our fundraiser with a new goal of $50,000.