Water Protector’s Training Camp

Water Protector’s Training Camp (WPTC) is a new program from Title Track that provides an opportunity for young people to connect with professional artists and activists to create music, creative writing, art, and video while exploring their commitment to being a Water Protector.

The first cohort of WPTC occurred at Earthwork Harvest Gathering 2022. We recently completed our Water Protector’s Training Camp (WPTC) with 3rd-5th graders from Rapid City Elementary, in partnership with Seeds. The students spent time with the river, engaged in creative practice, and learned about the 4 ways to be a water protector through the lens of the butterfly model for transformative justice (resist, reform, build, heal).

We are excited to offer several more sessions of WPTC this summer that are free, open to kids & grown-ups of all ages, and a unique opportunity to learn from professional artists and activists.

July 15th and 16th (feel free to drop-in either or both days)
Old Art Building, Leland

July 28th
3-5pm: Water Protectors Training Camp
5-8pm: benefit concert and reception
Title Track Family Day @ the Circuit, Traverse City

Artwork by Isaac Murdoch (used with permission)

We are so excited to launch this new program and look forward to witnessing the creativity and passion of our young water protectors. Stay tuned here and to our social media for updates, photos, music and video creations and more as our first cohorts launch! Here are a few images from past Title Track programming engaging young people through the arts and activism.

Songwriting at Youth Empowerment Sustainability Summit

Collaborative Songwriting for Collective Liberation at Earthwork Farm

RiverQuest Flint