Title Track & The Newton of Ypsilanti Announce Mondays in the Courtyard

Title Track & The Newton of Ypsilanti welcomes you to evenings enjoying live music, community networking opportunities, and the chance to impact nonprofits doing needed work in Washtenaw County and beyond.

As a statewide nonprofit organization, we are seeking to make more connections in SE Michigan.  If you’re living in or visiting Washtenaw County, we would love for you to join us for ‘Mondays in the Courtyard’.  Title Track is extremely excited to be collaborating with The Newton and enjoy the creativity in this community through live music and art! Come join us and learn about our programming as well as how you can be involved!

Each event (July through September) will host a local musician(s), will feature state-wide nonprofit organization Title Track and their work, and help a local nonprofit that is impacting Washtenaw County for youth and food security.

$10 Cover Charge (or give what you can) – 100% of the proceeds given benefit Hope Clinic & Ozone House.

Eventbrite (RSVP Required):

September 18: Al Bettis wsg Antwaun Stanleybenefitting both Hope Clinic & Ozone House

The Newton of Ypsilanti is located at: 220 South Huron, Ypsilanti, MI

Past Performances featured jazz musicians Josef Deas & Keaton Royer (July 24), and performer and singer-songwriter Jamie Register and Abigail Stauffer (August 21).