Healing Ourselves

At Title Track we’re dedicated to fostering inclusive spaces and promoting BIPOC healing and racial equity through deep understanding, meaningful action, and sustained change. Our transformative trainings are designed for organizations, communities, and individuals committed to promoting sustainable healing, dismantling systemic racism, and building more equitable environments.

Our Approach

Healing Ourselves is more than just a training session; it consists of immersive experiences that challenge participants to reflect, engage, grow, and focus on healing. We blend historical context with contemporary insights, providing participants with a robust understanding of racial equity and its implications in our society and our everyday lives. Through a mix of presentation, discussion, and interactive activities, participants will explore the complexities of racial identities, histories, and structures of power, and how to facilitate culturally connected healing on personal and organizational levels.

Listen in as Title Track Board member Amber Hasan shares about our new program, Healing Ourselves.

Stay tuned for details on our first cohort of Healing Ourselves coming this Fall 2024!

The Tools That We Share

  • Understanding and Context: Gain a deep understanding of the histories and enduring effects of settler colonization, systemic racism, and the invention of whiteness in America. Explore the specific challenges faced by, and resilence displayed by Indigenous Americans, African Americans, Hispanic/Latinx Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, Middle Eastern Americans, and other marginalized groups.
  • Self-Reflection and Growth: Engage in personal reflection to explore how internalized oppression shows up in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Discover strategies for healing from generational trauma, practicing self-care, and preserving mental health.
  • Action and Accountability: Practice concrete ways to commit to anti-racist practices, decolonize minds and spaces, and support each other in the journey towards healing while also working towards building systems that promote racial equity. Develop accountability partnerships to foster ongoing relationships, commitment and action.


  • Our workshops are facilitated by experienced consultants who bring a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate approach to the complex issues of racial equity and healing.
  • From small group discussions, group activities, and large group debriefs, our trainings emphasize active participation and collective reflection.
  • We tailor our workshops to meet the specific needs and contexts of your organization or group, ensuring relevance and impact.
  • We recognize the emotional weight of these conversations and incorporate guided healing practices to support participants in processing and grounding throughout the trainings.

Join Us

Whether you’re taking the first steps towards understanding racial equity and BIPOC-led healing or seeking to deepen your commitment to anti-racism and decolonization, our workshops offer a space for learning, growth, healing, community, and transformative action.