Water is Life Festival

Title Track has been a partner organization for the Water is Life Festival, an annual event that celebrates our connection to the water and builds power through community so we can work towards living in a holistic way with the water and protect it from those who seek to exploit or endanger it. Title Track team members have also been actively involved in organizing, performing, and speaking.

The 2023 Water is Life Festival will be on Saturday, September 2 on the Petoskey Waterfront from 12pm to sunset.

Jannan Cornstalk, founder of the Water is Life Festival, is featured as the guest in Episode 35 of our State of Water Podcast. Tune in to hear Jannan share poignantly of her spiritual connection with the water and her hope that the Water is Life Festival can continue to be a space of connection, education, and inspiration for people of all ages to find a space of meaningful cultural exchange through music, art, conversation, and creativity.

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Take a look back at past Water is Life Festival’s below…