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One year ago this weekend...

Reflections on where we were one year ago and invitations to engage the work ahead. Understanding Racial Justice course registration is now open for upcoming sessions.

What are you saying yes to 2021?

Video: Title Track team members share hopes and visions for 2021
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Engaging Creative Practice in 2020

Creative practice is a foundational piece of all what we do at Title Track and we are so grateful for all of the musicians, artists, poets, videographers, and other creatives who have collaborated with us this year.
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Clean Water Campaign for MI in 2020

It has been a busy year for our Clean Water Campaign for MI. Many thanks to all who have engaged and supported our efforts. Take a look back at some of our 2020 highlights!
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State of Water podcast - 2020 Highlights

Video: Here are a few of our favorite moments from the 10 State of Water podcast episodes aired in 2020.
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OWDM LIVE! featuring Ecotone - full video.

Video: Thanks to all who tuned in to the special OWDM LIVE event in collaboration with Oil and Water Don't Mix and Ecotone! Watch the full hour video featuring live music and Line 5 updates and please sign this No Tunnel Deal petition by the December 17 deadline.
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New State of Water podcast promo video kicks off week 2 of #Activate2021

Week 2 of #Activate2021 will feature our Clean Water Campaign for MI. Look for storytelling throughout the week showcasing our featured interview series, our State of Water podcast, and more.
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In Conversation: Understanding Racial Justice facilitator & supporters team

Video: Our Understanding Racial Justice team reflects on the journey of this program and looks ahead to 2021. Since we launched this program in July of this year, over 150 white folks have shown up with open and eager hearts to participate in this five-week course for white people ready to lean into the racial justice movement.
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In Conversation: E3 and Title Track

Video: a dynamic update and conversation between Northern Michigan E3 council members and Title Track staff on racial justice efforts in Northern Michigan.
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Working for Racial Justice in 2020

We are very grateful for all of the support and engagement of these programs and look forward to the continued deepening of this work for Racial Justice and cultural healing in 2021