Week 2 of #Activate2021 will feature our Clean Water Campaign for MI. Look for storytelling throughout the week showcasing this program on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the #Activist2021 home page.

State of Water, the Clean Water Campaign’s official podcast, released 10 episodes in 2020 and we have big plans for 2021. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or SoundCloud.

Video credits: Video by Steve Leaf
Written by Dan Rickabus
Narrated by Dan Rickabus and Alex Smith
Theme Music: Mike Savina, Seth Bernard & Dan Rickabus
Video footage: Erik Lauchié

We are a state of water
and these are our stories
stories of frontline activism, protecting the water
stories of community resilience, fighting for human rights
the stories of thinkers, writers, artists, musicians
stewards and cultural workers
the tributaries that connect elected officials to the needs of the people
the intersection of policy, equity, community and climate
the latest on the waves of change here and everywhere

State of Water
the official podcast of the clean water campaign for michigan
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