In conversation: Understanding Racial Justice facilitator & supporter team

Monday evening was the final session of our 4th cohort of Understanding Racial Justice in 2020. Since we launched this program in July of this year, over 150 white folks have shown up with open and eager hearts to participate in this five-week course for white people ready to lean into the racial justice movement. We could not feel more encouraged, inspired, and humbled.

We are deeply grateful to Rotary Charities for supporting this work and WTPMI for their collaboration.  Many thanks to all who have donated to the URJ scholarship fund and supported our ongoing Racial Justice and anti-oppression programming.

We are eager to continue and expand this work in 2021. Our first URJ cohort of 2021 will meet on Sunday afternoons from 3:30-5:30 from January 31 – February 28. A registration announcement will be coming shortly. We are also investing in BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) trainer and training development in order for BIPOC community members to be able to attend a training that is relevant to their experiences living in Northern Michigan (and beyond). The vision for this work is that after people have gone through the affinity training that most closely aligns with their identity and lived experience, there will be an opportunity for alumni of both trainings to come together in a multi-racial space to build antiracist culture and share power in accountable, healing, and transformative ways.

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Music: free write accompaniment during 12/7/2020 URJ session by Seth Bernard 

Featured in video (order of speaking):
Seth Bernard (Title Track founder/co-executive director, URJ creator/facilitator)
Elizabeth Wolff (Title Track cultural healing facilitator, URJ creator/facilitator)
Skadi Walton (community volunteer, URJ support team)
Mae Beale (Title Track vision & operations strategist, URJ support team)
Chris Good (Title Track communications director, URJ support team)
Lucy Waechter Webb (community volunteer, URJ support team)

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