Working for Racial Justice in 2020

When COVID-19 hit and changed everyone’s lives, we quickly pivoted from our previous programming plans and started a campaign to support Native elders in Northern Michigan in collaboration with the Native Justice Coalition. Through the generosity of many we raised over $15,000 and supported Elder meal programs with local tribes and grassroots efforts across the state. We also became the fiduciary and steward of Indigenous Mutual Aid – Eagle and Condor, supporting Indigenous communities across North America.

Uprisings for Racial Justice took place across the world and we saw interest in our Racial Equity work increase exponentially. Through the generous support of Rotary Charities and in partnership with We the People of Michigan, Title Track created Understanding Racial Justice, a five week zoom course for white folks in Northern Michigan interested in building their tools, self-awareness and courage, and cultivating antiracist community. Through four cohorts, over 150 folks have successfully completed the course and we look forward to expanding this program in 2021.

We have spent countless hours advising and organizing with individuals and organizations across the region around racial equity, working with businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, philanthropists and passionate citizens.

We also launched Craft Libations for Collective Liberation in collaboration with Shorts Brewing Company, calling upon the craft brewing community to engage in the transformative work of healing systems of oppression. 

We are very grateful for all of the support and engagement of these programs and look forward to the continued deepening of this work for Racial Justice and cultural healing in 2021. Stay tuned for 2021 offerings including trainings led by and serving our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community, internal equity work, more cohorts of Understanding Racial Justice, and more community workshops through Collaborative Songwriting for Collective Liberation

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