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State of Water podcast - 2020 Highlights

Video: Here are a few of our favorite moments from the 10 State of Water podcast episodes aired in 2020.
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New State of Water podcast promo video kicks off week 2 of #Activate2021

Week 2 of #Activate2021 will feature our Clean Water Campaign for MI. Look for storytelling throughout the week showcasing our featured interview series, our State of Water podcast, and more.
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Episode 20 of State of Water

Featuring an inspiring conversation with multi-disciplinary "solutionary" artist, Rachel Marco-Havens
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Episode 19 of State of Water

Featuring a delightful conversation with legendary harmonica player, Peter "Madcat" Ruth.
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State of Water Episode 18

Subscribe to State of Water, the official podcast of our Clean Water Campaign for MI. Check out this episode featuring Seth Bernard's moving conversation with bioregionalist Stephanie Mills.
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State of Water Episode 17

Featuring Detroit-based Arts & Culture Organizer, Piper Carter!
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State of Water Episode 16

Featuring our interview with Midland, MI-based climate change activist and independent videographer, Peter Sinclair.
State of Water podcast graphic designed by @lojajoh featuring image of Nayyirah Shariff and their quote: “If we can spend billions of dollars on war, and then we’re not spending to invest in our people, our priorities are totally jacked up.”
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Episode 15 of State of Water

Featuring Nayyirah Shariff of Flint Rising! Tune in, share, subscribe, rate, and review! New State of Water episodes dropping every Wednesday!!