Many thanks to Jeff Milo and the Detroit Metro Times for this in-depth feature on the Title Track launch! From the article “Title Track pairs artists with activists to focus on Michigan issues” by Jeff Milo:

Singer-songwriter Seth Bernard has been balancing his creative side with his activist side since he first started releasing recorded music 18 years ago. Throughout the last two decades, this bearded bard from Lake City has been cultivating connections with like-minded artists, as well as with socially and ecologically conscious nonprofits and community organizations…

“In my experience, there’s such a positive and mutually beneficial thing that happens when artists become involved with causes because those causes are invigorated by the creative energy, and those artists are then uplifted by the meaningful work,” he says. “It can also onboard more people just by increasing the visibility, by bringing people out to something like a live music event.”

…Bernard adds that it’s also been important to everyone involved with Title Track to bridge advocacy efforts in Northwest Michigan with Southeast Michigan. “In the environmental movement up here, it’s important to be aware of what people in frontline communities are facing, to protect the Great Lakes, but then to remember that there are folks in Detroit getting their water shut off and people in Flint paying outrageous costs for water that isn’t safe five years after facing the same problems,” he says. “So we’re looking through the lens of environmental justice, and using music to connect the state.”

“I learned early on from my mother and my mentors that the best way to get started is to help the helpers,” Bernard says. “We don’t have time to be working in competition; we have to collaborate.”

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Thursday, May 9: Title Track Launch Party (Traverse City)
Saturday, May 11: Title Track Launch Party (Detroit)