This year’s Skill Swap was recently spotlighted by 9 & 10 News in Allison Peter’s Experiencing Northern Michigan story, “Teaching Peace Poetry on Earthwork Farm at the Skill Swap in Lake City.”

It’s nearly summer in Northern Michigan! Have you celebrated early yet? I got to enjoy a whole Saturday outside on Earthwork Farm in Lake City earlier this month. It was—to put it simply—divine. Add the awesome live music, fresh food, dancing in a barn, camping, more than twenty hands-on workshops (at which you can learn about various topics: Earth, Art, Tinkering, and Real Home Ec.), plus a farm full of people eager to learn something new, and you’ve got yourself the Skill Swap, an annual event made possible thanks to Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology, Earthwork Music, the Human Nature School, and Title Track.

The best part about these unique, hands-on workshops is that they’re taught by the community for the community. It’s empowering how so many people with diverse skill sets are able to find each other and come together toward common goals in such a grassroots way. To feel a genuine sense of community in Northern Michigan is something I’m so grateful to experience here. Last year I attended the Skill Swap for the first time, wrote about it, shared all my photos, and embedded a handful of videos from the memorable event, which has been called an “intimate and invaluable experience.”

On Saturday, June 1, people traveled from near and far to the farm for this favorite annual start-of-the-summer event, where it’s easy to meet new friends, connect with old ones, eat what might be the best food you’ll have all year, and experience the healing power of music in a beautifully rural setting.  Read more and see more pictures of the 2019 Skill Swap happenings…