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Year 2 highlights video

If you see value in what we do and if you wish to invest in work for clean water, racial equity, and youth empowerment, please consider making a contribution today!
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Title Track is honored to present "BLACKNESS & BELONGING" this Saturday, 2/20 at 7pm with our partners at Northwestern Michigan College. Join us for this virtual conversation on Black Memory and Identity with author Antonio Michael Downing, hosted by our board member Kaylan Waterman.
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Special guest post - "Tha Water" by Amber Hasan

We invite you to watch this bone-chilling, soul-stirring, valiant work of art from our friend and colleague, Amber Hasan, in response to the recent news of criminal charges against former Gov. Rick Snyder and 8 other officials because of their roles in the Flint water crisis.
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Engaging Creative Practice in 2020

Creative practice is a foundational piece of all what we do at Title Track and we are so grateful for all of the musicians, artists, poets, videographers, and other creatives who have collaborated with us this year.
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The Title Tracks Ep. 10 - Seth Bernard

Seth Bernard shares an Election Day episode of The Title Tracks featuring "Let Love Light the Way."
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The Title Tracks Ep. 9 - Joshua Davis, "Waiting On a Dove"

Joshua Davis with a Monday night voting pitch along with a story and moving performance of his song, “Waiting On a Dove.”
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The Title Tracks Ep. 8 - Nervous but Excited, "Scars and Anchors"

“Your vote matters. You matter. Your voice matters. Continue to be the change, encourage others to be the change, and lift those unheard and ignored voices up. Peoples’ lives depend on you, your vote, and your voice.”
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The Title Tracks Ep. 7 - Amber Hasan, "R.B.G."

"This album is dedicated to just regular brown girls, women who get up every day, go to work, take care of their kids, make art, make music.”
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The Title Tracks Ep. 6 - Audra Kubat, "The Sliver and the Salve"

“The bow against the string - it causes that tension, but without that tension you don’t have that beautiful sound, that music. 
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The Title Tracks Ep. 5 - Sister Stone, "Relations"

“Letting your voice be heard and speaking up on behalf of the greater whole - one way we can do that so powerfully right now is to vote."