Collaborative Songwriting for Collective Liberation recap

Enjoy this recap of Collaborative Songwriting for Collective Liberation programming from 2019-2020, following the arc of 9 months of in-person sessions at schools, retreats, and conferences to all virtual as the global pandemic struck. This program has been generously supported by Rotary Charities’ Changemaker Fellowship.

Featuring photos and video clips from the following 8 songs:

  • Oct. 2019: “Revolution of Love” by Rotary Choir, Rotary Club of Traverse City
  • Jan. 2020: “We Can Change the World” by Wave Changers, Kingsley High School
  • Jan. 2020: “Deep Blue” by Icy Ganders, Kingsley High School
  • Feb. 2020: “Change Your Mind” by Unitea, Youth Empowerment Sustainability Summit (YESS!)
  • Feb. 2020: “Say Yess” by Youth to Power, Youth Empowerment Sustainability Summit (YESS!)
  • Feb. 2020: “Responsible Freedom” by Michigan.Cool, Deep Winter Men’s Retreat for Healing & Resilience
  • May 2020: “Wind Whispers” by The Love Beam Fractals, Title Track Facebook Live
  • June 2020: “Summer of Change, Fires are Burning” by The Golden Age, Skill Swap Facebook Live

Title Track founder and co-executive director Seth Bernard has developed a 4-phase collaborative songwriting workshop process that takes 60-90 minutes. It works for people of all ages, requires no previous experience and produces a new song every time. This creative empowerment process builds community and provides individuals with valuable tools, experience and confidence to bring into future creative projects. Informed by anti-oppression trainings and built on 15 years of experience successfully facilitating collaborative songwriting, we look forward to continuing to offer this innovative program in the future.