Skill Swap YouTube Channel

Featuring archival videos from Skill Swap 2020 – LIVE over the World Wide Web

Original notes from event:

“We draw on our roots of community resiliency and are choosing to engage with technology to bring Earth-focused/Earth-honoring voices to the conversations reshaping our collective vision for meeting this new future with humility, skill, nature, and connection.

The immediate need of addressing the disproportionate impact of COVID-related chaos on communities of color implores people with Earth-based skills and hearts to engage in a new way how we organize, feed, educate, and sustain each other.”


Find all Skill Swap 2020 programming archived on the Skill Swap Youtube channel. Featured presenters included:

  • Bee TV with Bob Bernard (episodes all 7 weeks)
  • Collaborative Songwriting for Collective Liberation with Seth Bernard
  • Mutual Aid panel discussion with Angela Gallegos, Piper Carter, Holly Bird, Penny Krebiehl, and Mae Beale
  • Guided herb engagement with Sierra Bigham
  • Visible mending with Tina Bury
  • Decolonizing our thoughtlife – facilitated discussion with Leora Miskopwaaganikwe Lancaster
  • Observational drawing with Ruby Miller
  • Advocacy in the political world with Bill Latka and Kate Bassett

Find all archived 2020 programming on the
Skill Swap Youtube channel.