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The Title Tracks Ep. 1: Chris Good, "Beautiful"

“You are beautiful, you are beautiful.” Sing it loud and sing it proud as our own communications director, Chris Good, kicks off our new program, The Title Tracks.
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The Title Tracks

An original Title Track video series featuring musicians sharing intimate performances of the title track from one of their albums. Musicians will also share behind the song stories and reflections on a current issue or call to action.

Skill Swap pivots to online series!

We draw on our roots of community resiliency and are choosing to engage with technology to bring Earth-focused/Earth-honoring voices to the conversations reshaping our collective vision for meeting this new future with humility, skill, nature, and connection.
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Earthwork Detroit 2019 recap

Pictures, video, reflections from organizers and more capture the beautiful spirit of the first annual Earthwork Detroit Music Festival.