September 24, 2021 UPDATE – Our friends and collaborators at Amplify Project have announced that applications are open for their second fellowship of artists!  Application window closes October 15. Apply now!

July 29, 2021 – This week, Title Track is honored to present our collaboration with the Amplify Project as we showcase their three inaugural fellows: London Beck, Dani Darling, and Kenyatta Rashon.  We are so excited to share about these three phenomenal talents who use creative practice to inspire, uplift, and tell their stories. 


Update from The Amplify Project

Our friends at The Amplify Project are hosting two upcoming events in SE Michigan showcasing community and creative practice. Learn more about Feb. 25th's "Tap In" event for content creators and March 24th's "Honoring Black Women: Reflections on Wisdom Through Poetry and Song."

Amplify Fellowship Feature #3: Kenyatta Rashon

Our third showcase in our collaboration with the Amplify Project is Kenyatta Rashon, an Ypsilanti based singer who goes behind the scenes of her powerful song, "Free," sharing reflections on what it means to be accepting of oneself.

Amplify Fellowship Feature #2: Dani Darling

Our second showcase in our collaboration with the Amplify Project is Dani Darling, a jazzy chanteuse from Ann Arbor with an experimental lo-fi sound that is intimate and poetic. Check out the full video featuring an intimate performance of her song, "The Down."

Amplify Fellowship Feature #1: London Beck

Our first showcase in our collaboration with the Amplify Project is the one of a kind recording artist, London Beck. Check out the full video “The Story of Black Satin,” featuring a stunning a cappella rendition of the song and reflections on vulnerability, darkness, and the power that each person holds that no one can take away.

In the summer of 2020, Grove Studios (Ypsilanti, Michigan) and Leon Speakers (Ann Arbor, Michigan), entered into an agreement to create a fellowship intended to amplify African-American creativity in Washtenaw County. The partnership encompasses artistic development, collaborations with the community through service, and experiential learning.  They support the cultivation of musical talent and growth of the modern music movement in the area to develop Washtenaw County as an innovative hub of music for generations to come.

The mission of the Amplify Fellowship is to provide resources and access to African-American musical artists to encourage free expression untethered by social inequity.  We commit to leveraging business relationships and community partnerships to amplify the voices of Black artists, encouraging artistic ownership of their craft and strengthening our connections with communities in need.