The Amplify Project hosting two upcoming events in SE Michigan

Our friends at The Amplify Project in collaboration with Washtenaw Community College’s (WCC’s) Digital Media Department, Creative Washtenaw, the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, and Spin, Inc. are hosting a content creator mixer called “TAP IN‘ on February 25 from 3pm to 6pm.  The event also seeks to support WCC in meeting its vision of equity within the arts.  The event will feature vendors who specifically support artists, a producer challenge called the “Dirty 30,” and an A2Y-centered showcase for artists that will allow them to receive critical feedback about their performance.  Entry is FREE to all.

The Amplify Project is also partnering with WCC for an event entitled “Honoring Black Women: Reflections on Wisdom Through Poetry and Song” on Friday, March 24th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Towsley Auditorium at WCC. The program will focus on issues of concern augmented by inspirational and empowering poetry, song and dialogue, featuring Harlem artist, author and activist Karen Taborn, specialists in the African-American culture, and young black women poets and songwriters, including Amplify Fellow Kenyatta Rashon.  The program will be moderated by Ypsilanti’s Cherisa Allen from Women and Men Working For Change and Harriette Moore-Kovaç of WCC. The event is seeking entries and performances from community members and students and request support in getting the word out about this great event and opportunity for young poets and artists. Please distribute the link to your BIPOC communities.  The submissions are due by Friday, March 3 at 5:00pm.