State of Water podcast graphic designed by @lojajoh featuring image of Nayyirah Shariff and their quote: “If we can spend billions of dollars on war, and then we’re not spending to invest in our people, our priorities are totally jacked up.”

Follow our Clean Water Campaign for Michigan program on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for new State of Water podcast episodes dropping every Wednesday. Episode 15 – just released featuring Nayyirah Shariff of Flint Rising. Listen on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, or Spotify.

“My friend Nayyirah Shariff spends their weeks delivering water to people in the community, organizing protests, writing copy, advocating and leveraging for policy changes on the state, local and federal levels, and organizing and building with other organizations and coalitions for real change. Nayyirah has a deep passion for Star Trek, and the most amazing and infectious laugh. They are the director of Flint Rising and we spoke at length on the new epsiode of State of Water.” – Seth Bernard


Episode 15 credits:

Nayyirah Shariff interviewed by Seth Bernard
Produced, edited and mixed by Dan Rickabus
Narrators – Alex Smith, Ben Darcie, Dan Rickabus, Rachel Marco-Havens
Music: Mike Savina, Seth Bernard & Dan Rickabus
Graphic design by Loren Johnson