Northern Michigan E3

“We are declaring Traverse City to be a hate-free zone. We are creating pockets of love where BIPOC relatives can feel safe and free of racism and oppression.” -Holly T. Bird

ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP in your work as an antiracist? We encourage you to sign up for an upcoming session of our Understanding Racial Justice course. We have work to do, community. Let’s do it, TOGETHER.

Title Track team members Holly T. Bird, Seth Bernard, and Elizabeth Wolff are collaborating with other local organizations to facilitate the Traverse City demonstrations In Support of BLM. We at Title Track stand ready to support the Black Lives Matter movement by providing anti-oppression and anti-racism training to the community. Support ongoing Northern Michigan E3 (educate, elevate, engage) organizing and trainings on our donate page.

May 30, 2020 Traverse City protest in support of Black Lives Matter.