Synapse Vol. 2 features a conversation about community with bioregional activist and writer Stephanie Mills, originally printed in Summer Solstice 1989

“The summer solstice is a time of celebration; a way of honoring the season, sun, and the community. I loved celebrating the solstice while growing up in Frankfort; the community would put together a festival held in across the bay in Elberta. Community members would set up their tables to sell goods and promote businesses and charities. There was live music, food and drinks, and a sense of belonging. This Summer Solstice edition of Synapse reminded me of the importance of community and the role I play in each one, as well as celebrating and embracing each individual member.” -Coda Mix, Title Track intern

Listen to our July 1, 2020 State of Water interview with Stephanie Mills.

Synapse was a publication produced by our parent organization, the Neahtawanta Research and Education Center (NREC). Our intern, Coda Mix, will be sharing a few select articles with her own personal reflections as she endeavors to archive these wonderful issues digitally.