Title Track Co-Executive Director Holly T. Bird featured in 2 recent inspiring interviews!

Our Co-Executive Director Holly T. Bird was recently featured by the Great Lakes Spirituality Project and the “A Drink With” series from 9 and 10 News. Listen in to these two inspiring conversations! 

“When we think about the quality of life that we all want to have, we think seven generations ahead and we go, wow, at this point, will any of our seventh generation be able to use this water or have access to it? Much less our own children right now, you know, with climate change coming so quickly. So, I can’t not be a water protector. I can’t not do this work because it is so important.” -Holly T. Bird in part 2 of her conversation with Dan Robinson of Great Lakes Spirituality Project

Holly T. Bird sits down with Hillary Sawchuk, host of “A Drink With,” a weekly series from 9 & 10 news featuring informative, inspiring, and fun conversations over a drink with northern Michigan changemakers and influencers.