Title Track is honored to be a community partner of the Native Justice Coalition for this year’s 3rd Annual Anishinaabe Racial Justice Conference. Please consider supporting this invaluable project from this visionary, grassroots organization to ensure that it can continue to be free for all who attend. All funds raised will go directly to the Native Justice Coalition in support of this Spring’s conference. 

“Indigenous people carry deep wisdom and ways of being that can help humanity into a better relationship with each other and the earth. Native communities bear an unfair burden of systemic injustice and oppression. When we work for healing and stand for sovereignty, we are building a bridge into better possible futures for all people. There is so much to love and celebrate about this earth, and so much work to be done to change systems of oppression, heal our own hearts, and show up for one another. The Native Justice Coalition’s leadership is deeply committed to this work and the Anishinaabe Racial Justice Conference is a vital NJC program that I wholeheartedly encourage you to support. Thank you so much.”
– Title Track founder and executive director, Seth Bernard