Episode 39 of State of Water featuring Seth Bernard

Episode 39 of State of Water is live!

For our final episode of the 2023 we are once again turning the microphone around on State of Water host and Title Track founder Seth Bernard. We begin the episode with Seth sharing a few more reflections coming off of his recent experience at the One Water Summit, which was featured in Episode 38.  Seth gives some end of year reflections on where we’ve been as the State of Water Podcast and the Clean Water Campaign for MI, speaking to some of the many insights that we’ve learned along the way that will inform our work moving forward as we seek to deepen into our commitment to water equity, environmental justice, and climate resilience. In the second half of our conversation, Seth vulnerably shares of his passionate commitment to being in solidarity with the Palestinian people and speaking truth to power. The grief, horror, anger and overwhelm that so many of us are feeling right now with the ongoing devastation in Gaza is so incredibly heavy – we hope that this conversation with Seth can serve as a powerful portal for you into deeper empathy, understanding, and love in action – the world surely needs it.

Just like in our last episode you’ll be hearing music throughout this episode from “Headwaters”, a beautiful new instrumental album from Seth. All proceeds from this album go to support the work of Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA). MECA is currently providing emergency assistance to families who have fled their homes amidst the ongoing attacks on Gaza as well as procuring emergency medical supplies for hospitals and clinics.

Listen to Headwaters: https://sethbernard.bandcamp.com/album/headwaters
Learn more and support MECA: https://www.mecaforpeace.org/

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State of Water is a program of the Michigan-based non-profit organization Title Track, and is powered by the Clean Water Campaign for Michigan. The podcast is made possible through a generous contribution from the Esperance Foundation.


Seth Bernard interviewed by Chris Good

Produced, edited and mixed by Dan Rickabus and Chris Good

Narrators – Alex Smith, Ben Darcie, Dan Rickabus, Jenny Jones, Angela Gallegos, Rachel Marco-Havens

Graphic by Chris Good

Theme Music – Mike Savina, Seth Bernard & Dan Rickabus

Featured Music – “Homestretch” by Ecotone; “Authors (instrumental demo)” by Dan Rickabus; and selections from the new album “Headwaters” by Seth Bernard including “North Country Rag”, “Cindy’s Waltz”, “Bernie’s Rag”, and “One Last Cup with Keith”

Episode 39 CALL to ACTION

Please check out the other wonderful artists, activists, and organizations that Seth mentions throughout this episode including:

On the Ground: https://www.onthegroundglobal.org

Vivien Sansour and the Palestinian Heirloom Seed Library: https://viviensansour.com

Ayed Arafah: https://www.instagram.com/ayedarafah

“I love being the host of “State of Water”, the official podcast of the Clean Water Campaign for MI, a program of Title Track. For this last episode of 2023, Chris Good interviewed me! We really went there. I hope you have a chance to take it in. Listen wherever podcasts are streaming.

Thank you for listening, and for showing how much you care in the ways that you can. Looking forward to more in 2024.” -Seth Bernard

Seth Bernard on finding friendship and a shared commitment to clean water in the YMCA sauna.

Seth Bernard reflecting on 6 years of cold plunges and his commitment to the work of water justice.