Happy New Year from Title Track

During the end of the year, everyone in some way, shape, or form will take inventory of their year and put their hopes into how their next year will look. Some of us realize that things do not always end up the way that we had hoped, and some remain hopeful that good things will be revealed when passion, determination, and planning is strong and in good alignment.

The truth of it is that none of us really know the fullness of our futures, but we can plan, remain hopeful, stay determined, and most importantly: love and support neighbors, communities, family, and friends. 2023 has proven yet another year that none of us could calculate nor anticipate. Title Track, like most individuals and organizations, have experienced high highs and low lows. We experienced the beautiful and successful result of working together on grant writing as a team, we have built new relationships and partnerships, and also faced change in the midst of collaborators transitioning away. With each week of 2023 that has come and gone, we have learned what it means to be a small and young organization and the experiences that growth brings.

Title Track will be 5 years young in 2024. What does this coming year hold for our growth and growing pains? Not sure, but it does mean that just as we do with our human bodies, we need to listen to how our bodies are changing and stay attuned to its different and changing needs; seeking counsel on how to stay healthy, and introducing new ways of being in order to further stimulate and motivate growth and movement. We understand that change can be uncomfortable and change reveals new things in us that we did not know were possible, but change is also hope that things can move towards becoming better than we were before.

Wishing You A Very Healthy Growth-Filled New Year.

Seth, Holly, and Jenny

A New Year’s audio greeting from Co-Executive Director Holly T. Bird

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As we look ahead to the next year, we invite your support to help us continue to deliver on the promise of our mission and the potential of our incredible team and network of partners. Thank you so much for your support!