Episode 38 of State of Water featuring Seth Bernard from One Water Summit

Episode 38 of State of Water is live!

In this special episode, State of Water host Seth Bernard checks in from this November’s One Water Summit in Tuscon, AZ, hosted by the US Water Alliance. Seth gives an intimate travel log style report sharing of inspiring connections, insightful conversations, and meaningful moments that will inform his work as he returns to Michigan. Seth attended the summit as part of the delegation of the Water Equity & Climate Resilience Caucus, joining frontline environmentalists from across the country as well as conference-goers representing many other sectors.

Learn more about the Water Equity & Climate Resilience Caucus: https://climatewaterequity.org

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EPISODE 38 credits:

Voice memo recordings by Seth Bernard

Produced, edited and mixed by Dan Rickabus and Chris Good

Narrators – Alex Smith, Ben Darcie, Dan Rickabus, Jenny Jones, Angela Gallegos, Rachel Marco-Havens

Graphic by Chris Good

Theme Music – Mike Savina, Seth Bernard & Dan Rickabus

Featured Music – “Homestretch” by Ecotone; “Authors (instrumental demo)” by Dan Rickabus; and selections from the new album “Headwaters” by Seth Bernard including “North Country Rag”, “Heartside Waltz”, “Manitou”, and “Red Pine Rag”

Episode 38 of State of Water is live, featuring Seth Bernard sharing insights and inspirations from the One Water Summit in Tuscon, AZ, convened by the US Water Alliance.

Tune in to learn more about the many encouraging and innovative projects that folks are working on all across the country to uphold the human right to clean, affordable water!

Episode 38 CALL to ACTION

Throughout this episode you’ll be hearing music from “Headwaters”, a beautiful new album from Seth of instrumental home recordings. All proceeds from this album go to support the work of Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA). MECA is currently providing emergency assistance to families who have fled their homes amidst the ongoing attacks on Gaza as well as procuring emergency medical supplies for hospitals and clinics.

Listen to Headwaters: https://sethbernard.bandcamp.com/album/headwaters

Learn more and support MECA: https://www.mecaforpeace.org

“Water and music – these are the elements of my life, and my path, and my work that I feel so much passion around – these essentials that we all need and that help connect us to our shared humanity.”

Episode 38 of our State of Water podcast features Seth Bernard reporting from the One Water Summit in Tucson, AZ.

A narrative is a shared interpretation of our reality that is grounded on the ideas contained in a collection of stories.

Narrative Change is the theory and practice of creating, communicating, and advancing new ways to interpret our reality while replacing older ones. Narrative change impacts how we make sense of our relationships with ourselves, others, and the broader world and how we view power – who can exercise it, how, and for what purpose. Narrative change work is so integral to movement work that practitioners say that social change moves at the speed of narrative change.

“What a different place this world would be if all of us could lean into learning about each other’s narratives with curiosity and compassion.”

-Seth Bernard at the One Water Summit