We are honored to co-sponsor the upcoming Doing Our Own Work – Traverse City 2020!

Doing Our Own Work is a program of Allies for Change and will be offered over a series of 6 sessions this winter at the Neahtawanta Inn. If you are a white person who is ready to dive deep to show up stronger for racial justice, please join us! Registration is online and spots are limited. Scholarship assistance is available.

At this time in our nation, we are witnessing an alarming resurgence of white supremacy and state-sanctioned violence. It is imperative that those of us who are white do the deep work required to claim and embody an anti-racist identity, understand the privilege we carry, and interrupt racism where we live, work, study, and volunteer. Doing Our Own Work helps white people move through places where we often get stuck, so that we can step up with courage, clarity, humility, and compassion to participate in movements led by people of color and help move other white people to greater anti-racist awareness and action.

Find and share the Facebook event here: Doing Our Own Work – Traverse City 2020! Flyer: Anna Taylor.