Contact Governor Whitmer and MI legislature to urge No Line 5 Tunnel Deal!
Working to ensure the protection of our waters for generations to come is a central tenant of the Title Track mission. Our Clean Water Campaign documentary team has produced 6 featured interviews with leading activists and water protectors from across the state, each telling a compelling story of the challenges we face and how we each can play a part in advocating for our waters. Today, we feature the interview with Liz Kirkwood, Executive Director of Flow. Along with being a leading voice in the ongoing effort to shut down line 5, Flow is an influential proponent of the public trust doctrine, contributing essential research, legal insight, and policy recommendations to the growing clean water movement in Michigan.

Video credits:
Executive Producer: Denis Pierce
Producer: Seth Bernard
Director: John Hanson
Videographer: DJ Viernes
Editor: Steve Leaf
Music: Juuni