We are holding a vision for a future we can believe in, and we are working for it every day. We understand the value of healthy functioning ecosystems and we actively honor the earth and protect the water. We tend to the healing of unjust, oppressive systems to honor all people and move toward true collective liberation and shared humanity. We show up for young people, we value their lives, we listen to their voices and we pass along the tools of creative practice to help take back the future. We are collaborative, we are creative and we are grateful to be in community with so many good humans working for change. We are learning as we heal and we are healing as we learn. We are Title Track.     

-Seth Bernard, Title Track founder and executive director

We invite you to join in our end-of-year 60 Day $60K effort as we keep building with your support. Look for special video and Facebook Live features including musical performances and Title Track testimonials during Giving Tuesday. Thanks so much!

RiverQuest + Girls Rock Flint program in Flint, July 2019. Photo: Tim Galloway.