Welcome Understanding Racial Justice Alumni!

We hope that this page can be a continuing resource for our URJ alumni providing opportunities for organizing and action, continued learning, connection with other URJ alumni, and more.

Be in touch with us at programs@titletrackmichigan.org if you have any questions or suggestions on how to make this space serve you better.

TAKE ACTION – opportunities to engage

We heard from many of you that having a group to take action with or support knowing where and how to take action was something you wanted more of.  So this year, we are focused on specifically inviting our alumni base to support the energy campaign led by We The People Michigan. This campaign especially impacts both working class White people and Black, Indigenous and other people of color across the state of Michigan.

Learn more at the campaign’s homepage here.

Lucy Waechter Webb (URJ organizer & facilitator) recently went live in our URJ alumni Facebook group to share some additional thoughts on this energy democracy campaign. We’ve also shared it to YouTube (see below) for those who don’t do Facebook. Tune in and we hope to see you:

on August 29th phone bank hour via zoom

on September 20th in Lansing for a lobby day in support of We the People-MI.

Find more details below.

URJ ALUM spotlight

Becky Cain

“Constantly surprised by the ongoing opportunities to grow into a more healthy and loving human. And to share that love with others.” -Becky Cain

We look forward to spotlighting some of our wonderful URJ alum here on the alumni page as well as in our quarterly URJ alumni e-newsletter. We’re excited to continue to grow the connections within this community and share about what folks are doing in their own work, family, and community experiences. In this first feature, we invite you to read the wonderful blog that Becky shared as part of the Commonpace Community Coworking  blog where she serves as the Community Manager.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece entitled, “My Journey Into Racial Justice Work: How taking a huge leap has changed the trajectory of my life” where Becky powerfully speaks to her personal and professional journey into racial justice work.

“As with most issues both personal and societal, we must first understand what the problem is in order to [co-]create a solution. Through URJ, I’ve come to realize that the solution begins within each of us; and it is ongoing as we each become a ripple in the pond that extends out to touch and influence others. I encourage all to consider enrolling in Understanding Racial Justice. We’ve got so much to teach and share with one another in our efforts to influence radical thought and behavioral change.”


TITLE TRACK events of interest:

August 29
URJ Alumni energy democracy phone bank hour via zoom

September 20
more details TBA
URJ Alumni in Lansing for a lobby day in support of We the People-MI’s energy democracy campaign

September 15-17
Earthwork Harvest Gathering
Title Track will once again be hosting panel discussions on Clean Water, Racial Justice and more.


September 19 – October 10
Our next in-person Traverse City cohort will meet on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 – 7:30pm on  Location TBA.

October 16 – November 13
Our next virtual cohort of URJ will be offered on Monday evenings from 5:30 – 7:30pm via zoom.

More info and registration. We are continuing to offer a reduced fee of $25 for URJ alumni who would like to retake the course as a refresher. Please use the scholarship registration link for the reduced rate.