Spotlight: Freedom Lifted

“I thrive in spaces dedicated to sharing the stories of those who have actively resisted colonization and oppression, and whose movement-building efforts provide blueprints for a path forward, towards a more just world.” -Freedom Lifted founder, Mia Henry

Title Track and Freedom Lifted have collaborated to provide community-based anti-oppression training and BIPOC facilitator training course design. Freedom Lifted is a “go-to” organization when it comes to training and growing for social change.

Freedom Lifted exists to elevate historical lessons of grassroots leadership and to cultivate spaces where people plan for and prefigure the just world that we desire. Freedom Lifted supports youth and adults who want to grow as leaders grounded in a commitment to racial, gender and economic justice. Towards this goal, they often use social movement history as a starting place to help people envision and build strategies for social change.

Check out the new opportunity to engage in Freedom Lifted’s Learning Lab (Online Education Designed to Inspire Social Justice Leadership) including the Justice at Work training for people making a new or renewed commitment to justice and equity.

Mia Henry (far right) with Title Track board and staff at January 2020 anti-oppression training in Traverse City

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Mia Henry presenting at January 2020 anti-oppression training in Traverse City