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Episode 12 of State of Water podcast online now! FLOW for Water founder Jim Olson is back for part two of his in-depth interview with Seth Bernard. On our last episode, Jim shared an age-old legal framework called the public trust doctrine, which we the people can utilize as we demand the protection of our region’s waters. In this second half, Jim breaks down the four pillars that guide FLOW’s work.

State of Water is a program of the Michigan-based non-profit organization Title Track, and is powered by the Clean Water Campaign for Michigan. The podcast is made possible through a generous contribution from the Esperance Foundation.

Jim Olson interviewed by Seth Bernard
Produced, edited and mixed by Dan Rickabus
Narrators – Alex Smith, Ben Darcie, Dan Rickabus, Rachel Marco-Havens
Music – Mike Savina, Seth Bernard & Dan Rickabus

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