Title Track’s co-executive director Holly T. Bird was a featured speaker during Tuesday’s Red Road to DC event at the Mackinaw Straits. This powerful event was one stop along a 20,000 mile journey calling for the protection of sacred lands and waters and the honoring of treaties and Indigenous wisdom.

Follow Our Shared Responsibility: A Totem Pole Journey as they deliver these messages to Secretary Deb Haaland and the Biden administration today.

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Pic 1: Title Track’s Holly T. Bird speaking at Tuesday’s Red Road to DC event. Photo credit: Michelle Regalado Deatrick
Pic 2: Whitney Gravelle, Bay Mills Tribe Chair (smudging the jimaan)
Pic 3: Anishinaabek jingle dress dancers
Pic 4: Traveling interactive mural
Pic 5: Holly T. Bird with Crystal Cavalier, Organizer of Red Road to DC
Pic 6: Totem Pole that travelled 20,000 miles and is now in DC
Pic 7: Ancestral anchors and grind stones
Pic 8: Aaron Payment, Chair of Sault Ste Marie Tribe