Title Track is an extraordinary initiative…

…that deserves widespread support for its commitment to fostering environmental sustainability, social justice, and community resilience. As a multifaceted organization, Title Track operates at the intersection of arts, culture, and activism, leveraging their collective power to inspire positive change.

One of the most compelling reasons to support Title Track is their innovative approach to environmental stewardship. They recognize that addressing environmental issues requires more than just scientific and policy-based solutions; it necessitates a cultural shift. Through their diverse range of programs and projects, Title Track utilizes music, storytelling, and the arts to engage and mobilize individuals, empowering them to become advocates for a healthier planet.

Title Track’s dedication to social justice is another compelling reason to stand behind their mission. They are deeply committed to amplifying marginalized voices and working towards equity and inclusivity in all their endeavors. By centering the experiences and perspectives of historically underserved communities, Title Track ensures that their work is impactful, sustainable, and rooted in justice.

Moreover, Title Track’s focus on community resilience sets them apart. They understand the importance of building strong, interconnected communities capable of withstanding the challenges posed by climate change and social inequities. Through their programs, Title Track fosters collaboration, skill-sharing, and the cultivation of resilient networks, empowering communities to respond and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Supporting Title Track is an investment in a better future for both people and the planet. By harnessing the transformative power of arts and culture, they inspire individuals to become agents of change, encouraging creativity, empathy, and a deep sense of connection to the world around us. Their work resonates on both a personal and societal level, igniting a collective movement towards a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world.

Join us in supporting Title Track and their extraordinary efforts. Together, we can create a harmonious symphony of positive change that reverberates throughout our communities and beyond.

Piper Carter
Title Track Board of Directors Member
Cultural Curator and Creative Humanitarian

Piper Carter lives inside Detroit city. She is an Arts and Culture Organizer and Hip Hop Activist with focus on Entertainment Justice, Environmental and Climate Justice, Education Justice, the Maker Space movement, and Food Justice, communities.

She is Host of the Piper Carter Podcast on Detroit is Different where she discusses Social Justice and Hip Hop to a world wide audience.

Title Track Board members deep in discussion during a recent Board of Directors envisioning retreat

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