FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 8, 2021

Jenny Jones Promoted to Co-Executive Director for Title Track.

Jenny Jones joins Title Track founder, Seth Bernard, and Traverse City-based attorney and activist, Holly T. Bird, as a co-executive director in the Michigan-based nonprofit’s  shared leadership model. Jones, an Ann Arbor-based artist, artistry connector, and entrepreneur; brings an abundance of experience in the arts management, nonprofit, philanthropic, management consulting, educational, manufacturing, and staffing fields. Jones served as the organization’s inaugural Development & Administrative Associate at the launch in early 2019, was promoted to director in June 2020, and will now lead the nascent organization as it continues to forge a path of emergent and impactful work.

Title Track Founder and Co-Executive Director, Seth Bernard, says, “When I started forming Title Track, Jenny Jones was one of the first people that I invited to be a part of the team. It is an honor to work with Jenny and a joy to be her friend. I trust her as much as anyone that I know, and Title Track is very fortunate to be blessed by her leadership. Jenny has an incredible combination of qualities that make her invaluable to any team she belongs to – critical thinking skills, work ethic, deep compassion for others, honesty and integrity, dependability, an amazing sense of humor, creativity, imagination, intuition, discernment, and vision.”

“I am incredibly excited to be moving forward into the future with Jenny Jones as part of our executive team. Her vision, work ethic, integrity, and range of skills make her an absolute joy to partner with and a great asset to our organization. I am beyond grateful that she agreed to work with us in this capacity,” adds Title Track Co-Executive Director, Holly T. Bird.

Jones shares, “These times call for our passions, our convictions, and our talents to intertwine. Everything and everyone should be in collaboration and community. Joining the executive leadership team of Title Track is a way for me to utilize all that I have learned, as well as continue in the learning and growing process. I have enjoyed working with the team for the past two years and I am very excited to see what we all can accomplish for the sake of our communities, equity, and our water.”

📸: Heather Nash