Holly T. Bird with Wendy von Courter

“What Title Track always allows us to do is engage our head, heart, and hands by coming into community, by connecting us with things that we can actually do.” -Wendy von Courter of AngelBear Farm, Understanding Racial Justice (URJ) alum, and current member of our URJ facilitator team

Our co-executive director Holly T. Bird visited Interlochen Farmer’s Market on Sunday and had the chance to talk to Wendy von Courter about the impact of URJ, reasons to support Title Track, and to extend an invitation to help us reach our 4th anniversary fundraising goal of $20,000 to help our staff get livable wages and support our ongoing programming. Thank you!

Wendy will be one of the co-facilitators of our upcoming weekend-intensive Understanding Racial Justice in Traverse City on June 16-17. Register and learn more.