In honor of Jim Olson’s birthday and FLOW‘s recently celebrated 10th anniversary, we revisit our State of Water archives to share this video clip from our interview with FLOW founder and president, Jim Olson, featured in episodes 11 & 12 of our State of Water podcast.

Listen to the 2 part interview on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or SoundCloud.

Learn more and support the work of FLOW (For Love of Water) at Check out the in-depth feature and celebration of Jim’s work in the just published FLOW blog featuring quotes and stories from many friends and collaborators, “Happy Birthday to Jim Olson: Legal Lion for the Environment.”

Interview by Seth Bernard
Filmed by Bill Latka
Edited by Steve Leaf
Additional Instagram Reel edit by Chris Good
Instagram Reel featuring music from Ecotone (Mike Savina, Seth Bernard, and Will Thomas)