Greetings friends,

In the three years since our public launch on Earth Day 2019, Title Track has had a powerful positive impact. We have worked in concert with creative practitioners, nonprofit leaders, grassroots activists, schools, farms, libraries, youth leadership, businesses, foundations, and passionate individuals across the region and beyond. We have helped influence federal policy, we have facilitated trainings for hundreds of individuals seeking to work for change, and we have dedicated ourselves to building shared power internally, and practicing walking our talk as an organization, when it comes to being the change we wish to see in the world.

None of this is possible without the support of our community.

Today, we are asking for your help once again as we begin a capital campaign to raise $25,000 to continue our work for clean water, racial equity, and youth empowerment.

We need your help.

And there are many ways to give. Our software system, built from scratch by our vision and operations strategist, Mae Beale, allows for single donations, recurring donations can be made through PayPal, and we would also be happy to discuss an annual gift with you directly.

The most challenging aspect of nonprofit work is funding our general operations. Making sure the individuals who do this work are paid a living wage is a big priority for us. And we need your help to get there.

Can you make a donation today?

As always, thank you so much for your support as we build momentum and capacity to deepen our positive impact in this turbulent world.

Stronger together,
Seth Bernard
Co-Executive Director

Checks to ‘Title Track’ are gratefully received at:

Title Track
PO Box 888686
Grand Rapids, MI  49588-8686

Images taken by Sarah Masak during Title Track’s recent 3rd anniversary staff & board retreat at the Neahtawanta Inn.

(L to R): Chris Good, Communications Director; Holly T. Bird, Co-Executive Director; Seth Bernard, Co-Executive Director

Jenny Jones, Co-Executive Director

Mae Beale, Vision and Operations Strategist