“While the words ‘self-care’ and ‘rest’ can seem like topics that are overused, luxurious, or somewhat unattainable during this season, we encourage you all to please take some time for yourselves to go lay down, rest your body and your mind, find the stillness of the season, and make it a priority to check in on your physical and mental health.  We need YOU.  We invite you to read some of our team’s recommendations for slowing down and resting.  Happy Holidays, y’all.” -Jennifer Jones, Co-Executive Director

Rest Recommendations by Title Track Staff

What I do to rest, by Seth Bernard.

“I have invested in birdseed and firewood to make the months ahead more restful. Reading and playing guitar by the woodstove and sitting, watching the birds feed as the snow comes down are restful activities that resource me.”

What I do to rest, by Annie Lively.

“I enjoy lighting a candle, changing into clean and comfortable clothes, making ginger & honey tea, and watching a favorite tv show.  I also like calling my family and friends to just check in and talk about ‘nothing’. My favorite meal when I’m trying to rest is warm brie, a toasted baguette, and homemade preserves, best enjoyed with a cheap bottle of sparkling wine–I like the ‘cupcake’ brand because it’s tasty and only $11!”

What I do to rest, by Chris Good.

“For me, long walks in the woods always serve to slow down, unwind, and restore. I feel so grateful to be able to explore the many beautiful woods near my home in Ann Arbor and observe the subtle and dramatic changes throughout Michigan’s 4 seasons.

Sitting down and intentionally listening to a favorite album with no other distractions or multitasking at hand always serves to connect me with my body, my heart, and my spirit. I love to get lost in a piece of art and let the inspiration, sense of interconnectedness, and emotions flow.”

What I do to rest, by Jenny Jones.

“I just come home from whatever I am doing and lie on my bed and conduct deep breathing exercises.  Deep inhale through the nose, and then exhale through the mouth steadily and slowly.  I work to reduce my heart rate and begin to focus purely on my breathing.  I also take the time to prepare and cook vegetables as a restful practice.  As much as I enjoy writing music, being creative in nourishing foods also brings the most amazing peace, and comfort, to me.”

What I do to rest, by Coda Mix.

“How I rest can change frequently, but comfortable sweatpants and a sweatshirt have been consistent staples in my resting routine. Like others, lighting candles and watching a favorite TV show helps me unwind, and right now holiday baking competitions are my go to!”

What I do to rest, by Bree Russell-Carscadden

“I have two places I truly find restful spaces, both are very different yet bring such comfort and peace. One being among trees, no matter the season, I love the peacefulness and listening to the woodland noises (birds singing and leaves swaying). Finding rest in the woods for me, means finding a good tree to hang with, quieting my body, deep breathing and listening. My second truly restful place is in my bed, cozy with a good book/movie with a cup of hot water or tea in hand.”