“The Understanding Racial Justice course came into my life when I was at odds with the way I saw people interacting about news stories online. In northern Michigan I think for many people it’s easy for them to separate themselves from the things happening in larger towns. I’ve lived in Detroit and Denver and been exposed to culture outside of this community, and have seen what positivity comes from communities that have all kinds of culture contributing to society. URJ gave me information, context, history, and communication skills I didn’t have before. When your mind is opened up to unlearning misinformation I think it allows you to go forth with compassion. URJ taught me to slow down and think beyond the surface level of anti-racism and to really embody this work going forward in my life. While creating a new logo for this course, it was really important to capture the essence of what happens during URJ – which is a lot of reading, inward work and hard conversations. The icons represent that work, and the bold red font really represents the urgency that this work needs to be done and these ideas need to spread faster than hate.” – Dani Renwick, URJ alum and owner of Charmellow Design

Understanding Racial Justice is a five week zoom course for white folks living in Michigan who are ready to lean into the racial justice movement. URJ is presented by Title Track and We The People – MI and co-facilitated by skilled longtime facilitators Elizabeth Wolff and Seth Bernard. Many thanks to Rotary Charities of Traverse City for co-sponsoring this work.

The upcoming Summer 2021 cohort will meet on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:30pm, August 4-September 1. Register on the Understanding Racial Justice page.