We at Title Track honor and celebrate the enduring leadership and strength of the Indigenous Peoples and Nations of Great Turtle Island.

As we celebrate Indigenous People’s Day today we hold space for Indigenous people whose culture and language have been oppressed, forced into assimilation and land taken. We recognize the land we reside on with gratitude and appreciation to the Indigenous people who have been living and working on the land from time immemorial (existing since beyond the reach of memory). We give thanks to the Anishinabeg as the caretakers of Mother Earth and their relationship to the land; we acknowledge we are nothing without Mother Earth (Aki), air (newsin), water (nibi) plants (gitigaadan), and animals (wesiinyag).

To our Indigenous-identifying staff, board members, clients, partners, and supporters in our community: You matter. We celebrate your existence. We hold space for your grief and sorrow. We stand with you in your calls for truth, reconciliation, justice, and accountability.

From healthcare to law enforcement, to the justice system and our educational institutions, systemic racism in the Americas continues to oppress and kill Indigenous Peoples. We cannot put this “dark chapter” behind us when its legacy is still being written today.

Indigenous Peoples have been the frontline defenders of Mother Earth in the face of unchecked industrialization. Yet they bear disproportionate environmental burdens — from the desecration of their sacred sites and traditional hunting grounds to unsafe drinking water. In spite of these barriers, Indigenous Peoples continue to organize, to rise, and to thrive in profound acts of resistance, humility, and resilience. This is what we celebrate on #IndigenousPeoplesDay

Title Track gratefully acknowledges that Indigenous leadership directly informs our mission to defend our water, center youth empowerment, and fight for racial equity and justice. Our work to make the world a better place for all is deeply interconnected. We are committed to doing the work to decolonize ourselves and encourage members of the broader Title Track community to join us. Please consider donating to our Indigenous Mutual Aid fund.