Freedom Lifted‘s ’Justice at Work’

“I believe my purpose is to help people learn history and use that knowledge to grow as social justice leaders.” -Freedom Lifted founder, Mia Henry

In early 2020, Title Track and Freedom Lifted collaborated to provide a community-based anti-oppression training. Freedom Lifted founder, Mia Henry, has continued to serve as a trusted colleague and advisor as we have developed our Understanding Racial Justice program and worked towards launching BIPOC Healing Ourselves.

“Freedom Lifted provides social justice education and support for leaders and organizations. We offer training and consulting for people and groups who seek to grow as leaders committed to racial, gender, and economic justice.” (from their website)

“Mia Henry does an excellent job of pulling in appropriate historical references for background, providing opportunities for self-reflection, and giving actionable information for the learner to change their understanding of our world today.“ – Leslie Burke, Kalamazoo College

Check out the new opportunity to engage in Freedom Lifted’s Learning Lab (Online Education Designed to Inspire Social Justice Leadership) including the Justice at Work training for people making a new or renewed commitment to justice and equity.