Shani Womack: How are we going to leave the world?

Interview with Pastor, Storyteller, Counselor and Flint native Roshanda Womack

On April 25, 2014, at the order of a state-appointed “emergency manager”, the city of Flint began using the Flint River as its source of drinking water as part of a plan to save $5 million over two years. Today marks the 5th anniversary of this switch and although the gentrification of downtown Flint has accelerated rapidly, the water crisis has not been resolved and the emergency manager law has not been repealed.

Pastor, storyteller, counselor and Flint native Roshanda Womack tells her story in today’s featured interview, which was filmed in Flint in December of 2017.

Listen to the long form interview on the Clean Water Campaign Podcast on Soundcloud.

Purchase Shani’s album “To Flint with Love” on CD Baby.

We encourage you to follow and support Flint Rising, a coalition of community organizations and allies working to ensure that directly impacted people are building the organizing infrastructure and leadership necessary for this long-haul fight for justice and creating the future that Flint families need and deserve.

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  • Producer: Seth Bernard
  • Director: John Hanson
  • Videographer: DJ Viernes
  • Editor: Steven Leaf
  • Music: Levi Taylor

Special thanks to Dan Hall and the St Francis Prayer Center in Flint, MI.