A note from Title Track founder & executive director, Seth Bernard:

“I had the most amazing time at Kingsley Area High School this week working with the students in Boone Scharp’s Environmental Science classes! Special thanks to Kevin Cram for bringing me in. We dug deep and wrote songs around the theme of Water Equity. I facilitated, and was really moved by what the students shared. This is part of work with Title Track, bringing Collaborative Songwriting for Collective Liberation across the region as part of my Changemaker Fellowship from Rotary Charities of Traverse City. All three classes learned more about the 5 faces of oppression, the obstacles we face in terms of protecting the water and the human right to clean, affordable drinking water, and the pathways toward best possible outcomes. They moved me to my core.”

Check out these 3 inspiring songs from the next generation!

“We Can Change the World” by the Wave Changers

“Deep Blue” by the Icy Ganders

“Splish-Splash” by the Water Gang