More exciting Title Track team news!

We are thrilled to welcome Coda Mix as our new intern for the full 2021-2022 school year as she pursues her social work degree through Ferris State. We are also grateful that Annie Lively has accepted an Office Administrator staff position after having been our intern this summer. 

Coda has had a passion for helping those in need, from animals to people; volunteering at a local animal shelter as a teen and working with those experiencing housing insecurity as a young adult. As a teenager, she decided to expand her views on the world and earned the opportunity to become an exchange student through the Rotary organization. Coda lived in Nuuk, Greenland for nine months before spending her final month in Denmark and traveling around Europe. 

Coda will be working with the Title Track team on various projects to further her understanding of nonprofits, including both the operations and impact of Title Track. Coda hopes to work with groups and communities promoting mental health, youth, environmental protection, and equity.

As a student at MSU, Annie has studied Social Relations and Policy, Kiswahili, and Gender and Women’s Studies. She is currently finishing her final research project focused on decolonization as it relates to environmental activism and policy and Annie hopes it will be valuable to Title Track for future projects. Some of Annie’s research topics include the racialized impacts of Hurricane Katrina, the roles of poverty and gender on education access in Ghana, and the relevance of feminist thought and decolonization to Native food sovereignty movements in the United States.

Annie is very much motivated by the desire to create more loving and healthy communities of people. With an education based in policy and research, Annie looks forward to spending more time engaging with people and issues to better understand how to lean into resiliency. Some of Annie’s favorite things are cooking, making people laugh, drawing, doing construction with their dad, headstands, harvesting potatoes with her sister Jane, family togetherness, and birdsong in the morning.

Coda Mix

Annie Lively