Mondays in the Courtyard update + September 18 tickets moving fast!

We are very grateful for the community showing up and showing out at the past two ‘Mondays in the Courtyard‘ events at the The Newton of Ypsilanti in July and August. Thanks for the sell out this past Monday, folks!

Jenny & Allison (the planners/dreamers) are excited to welcome you to one more event on Monday, September 18. We welcome Detroit-based artist, Al Bettis Music and Flint-raised artist Antwaun Stanley. These two friends have something special planned as we raise money to support both Hope Clinic and Ozone House.

To date, the community has helped us raise more than $750 toward these two nonprofit organizations! Let’s go for more next month – we’ve increased the cover charge request to $10 to help support both organizations – tickets are currently 1/2 sold (!!), so you should probably move quick!
Slideshow pictures:
1: July 24 – Keaton Royer & Josef Deas
2: August 21 – Jamie Register Solo
3: August 21 – Abbie Stauffer & Jamie Register
4: August 21 – Purple Rain Singalong w/ Jenny Jones, Abbie Stauffer, and Jamie Register
5: August 21 – The Newton of Ypsilanti Co-Owner, Allison Anastasio, and Title Track Co-Executive Director, Jenny Jones
6: The Newton Courtyard at Night