Accountable White Allyship & Accompliceship at the Anishnaabe Racial Justice Conference

The first conference in 2018 was a huge success, with speakers, panelist, and more than 200 participants on topics ranging from environmental racism, mascots, youth voices in racial justice, and storytelling in Anishinaabe culture. From May 24-26 the Anishnaabe Racial Justice Conference in Baraga, MI for Great Lakes Anishinaabe, People of Color, and Allies will offer workshops, presentations, and coalition building on racial justice.

In the Toward Accountable White Allyship & Accompliceship Workshop session with Lillie Wolff and Seth Bernard, we will build our collective capacity to show up for racial justice in accountable and transformative ways as settler colonial white people on Anishinaabe land and in relationship with Anishinaabe people.

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May 24 2019 - May 26 2019


All Day