Episode 3 of Eminazhichiget featuring Miskopwaaganikwe Leora Lynn Tadgerson

We are honored to welcome Miskopwaaganikwe Leora Lynn Tadgerson, as our featured guest in Episode 3 of Eminazhichiget.

In the first of two episodes featuring our conversation with Leora, she shares reflections on her powerful healing work as the Director of Reparations and Justice at the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan. Leora’s role is focusing on truth telling, racial equity through restorative justice, reconciliation research from the Native American boarding school era, and place-based community work/bridge building as a tribal liaison. Her research involves the Michigan based Indian boarding school experience and the Episcopal run schools, where she serves as Chair for the MW062, Executive Council Committee for Indigenous Boarding Schools and Advocacy. Through Leora’s research, she hopes to aid in the healing of Native hearts.

Leora is a proud Finnish and Sámi, and member of Gnoozhikaaning, Bay Mills and Wiikwemkong First Nations. In her spare time she can be found with her partner, Tye and four boys, Quinn, Shiloh, Evan and Jack.

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Eminazhichiget, which translates in Anishinaabemowin to “person who does good things for others,” is a new program and podcast from Title Track which celebrates Anishinaabek leaders.

Episode 3 Credits:

Miskopwaaganikwe Leora Lynn Tadgerson interviewed by Holly T. Bird

Produced by Holly T. Bird and Chris Good

Edited by Chris Good

Graphic by Chris Good

Music by Tom Binesiwegiizhig Peters

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“She approaches all of the work that she does with a full heart and a distinct sense of community. I am so excited to bring this episode to you with Leora.” -Holly T. Bird, host of Eminazhichiget and Co-Executive Director of Title Track