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Title Track year 1 recap!

We’ve successfully collaborated with over 50 partner organizations! Our programs have touched the lives of over 5,000 kids! All of this has happened with only three part-time employees, three contractors, seven board members, and a handful of advisers and volunteers. And we’re just getting started.

Zoom Tutorial for Resilience and Resourcefulness

As our work has quickly pivoted into the web/cloud/virtual space, we’re happy to invite you all to be a part of a Zoom tutorial from Jeremy Reisig (aka Brotha James) this Friday from 3pm-5pm. Jeremy has a wealth of knowledge and insight to share from his experience facilitating many conferences and events, sometimes with hundreds of people all attending via Zoom.

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Skill Swap 2020!

Crosshatch + Title Track present SKILL SWAP. Wonderful Workshops all day: Art // Earth // Tinkering // Home Ec // Cultural Healing // Human Nature School